Thomas County (TH-5)

TH-5 High Priority Area (HPA)

Everything on this page will apply only to the TH-5 HPA, and will be updated as progress is made. Please be patient as all the individual enhanced management pages are new and subject to update at any time.

Where is the TH-5 HPA?

It is the Southern-most HPA in Thomas County on the following map. The specific sections included are listed below the map.

Area included in Thomas County (TH-5):

TWP 07S-33W: Sections 22-27 and 34-36
TWP 08S-32W: Sections 4-9, 16-21 and 28-33
TWP 08S-33W: Sections 1-3, 10-15, 22-27 and 34-36
TWP 08S-34W: Sections 1-36
TWP 09S-32W: Sections 1-36
TWP 09S-33W: Sections 1-36
TWP 09S-34W: Sections 1-36
TWP 10S-31W: Sections 4-9, 16-18
TWP 10S-32W: Sections 1-3 and 10-15
TWP 10S-33W: Sections 1-36

Note: Upon stakeholder request, this HPA includes sections that were not hydrologically triggered via the GMD 4 protocol. Essentially the full Townships of 9-32; 9-33; 9-34 and 10-33 were included by the GMD 4 board on December 14, 2006 upon request of a representative group of TH-5 stakeholders.

HPA TH-5 Initial Introduction and Hydrographs - November 10, 2008

The Task 4 Process in TH-5:

Meeting Notes - Initial Meeting (November 10, 2008
Meeting Notes - Meeting 2 (February 2, 2009)

TH-5 formed a working committee to consider future management options following their February 2, 2009 meeting, but this group has yet to contact the GMD about any further activity. They also requested to be included in the 2010 AWEP proposal to NRCS - to be eligible for an NRCS payment for converting irrigated acres to dry land production. This was accomplished. No further activity has been requested by this HPA.