Irrigation Technology Cost Share

TAPPH2O subscriptions cost $100 per meter so producers are eligible for 50% cost share or $50 per meter.

There will be two components offered under this initiative: 

  • TAPPH2O subscriptions on a per meter basis.
  • Irrigation Technology Incentive Payment.  This component will include all the other eligible practices (automated soil moisture probes, mobile drip irrigation systems, autonomous pivot systems, bubbler nozzle packages and remote monitoring systems).  This component(s) will be paid based on 50% of the actual cost up to the $5,000 landowner limit.  You will list the practices on the project information and benefits of treatment.

The following links contain information on the eligible practices:


Automated Soil Moisture Probes

Bubbler Nozzle Packages (Bubbler nozzles are referred to as LEPA in this publication)

Mobile Drip Irrigation Systems:

Autonomous Pivot Systems

Remote Monitoring System