Water level data

2015 - Water Data by Township

View Water Level Data by Township presented at the 2015 Annual Meeting.

NW Kansas GMD 4 Water Table Measurements

See the observation well network data (PDF) for 3 time periods for NW Kansas as an HTML page. Source: State of Kansas observation well network. Please NOTE: This file will take a few extra seconds loading - especially on dial-up connections.

Statewide water level data from KGS

This link will allow you to search the KGS WIZARD database for state-wide water level data. 

Index Well Program link - including the Thomas County.

Index Well and data.  KGS web site for the Index well study consisting of 3 wells in western Kansas - the Thomas County Index well being one of these. Use the Thomas County links to navigate to the daily data spreadsheet. The Thomas County well is located on the NW corner of 33-9-33 and has been continuously logged since August 7, 2007). This site is in cooperation with Thomas County landowner Steve Friesen.

Observation Wells by County - County Summary Charts

These Excel charts show the observation wells in each County (PPT) with the most and least saturated thickness and the most and least declines.
They also include the average saturated thickness values for all the observation wells in the County by year.