Groundwater Management District 4

Monthly Board Meeting 9 am @ GMD 4 Office, Colby

GMD 4 Office Building - Colby, KS

NW KS Groundwater Conservation Foundation Meeting; immediately following monthly Board meeting

GMD 4 Office Building - Colby, KS

SF Republican Meeting at 10:30 am CST at the Cheyenne County 4-H Building in St. Francis.

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The GMD4 Board of Directors meets monthly. For additional information about future meeting or minutes from previous meetings, please visit our Board of Director Agenda/Minutes page.

NWKS Groundwater Conservation Foundation Meeting

SF Republican Meeting at 10:30 am CST at the Cheyenne County 4-H Building in St. Francis.

GMD 4: 1-785-462-3915

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  • Drought affects more North Americans than any other natural hazard.1 Over the past two decades, it has returned to the American West with historic intensity. The long drought of 2000–06 across the Great Plains resulted in record low stream flows and record low reservoir levels; in Kansas, it compelled a record number of surface water rights curtailments. Read more...

  • Looking back through history, specific generations have become known for key achievements, traits and ideals. Stereotypes are broadly applied across the United States but what about us? What will this generation of Kansans be remembered for? It could be for putting personal politics and differences aside, rolling up our sleeves and working together to ensure future generations of Kansans have a reliable source of water to fuel our state’s economy.

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